At FoalEd we believe that the life of every mare and foal is precious,

and that every owner deserves to feel confident and prepared when helping their mare to bring that special foal into the world.

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What People Are Saying

“Ashleigh’s…presentation was excellent and I share her passion. Highly recommend to anyone seeking information on foaling procedures and possible problems they may encounter.” Beverley Spriggens

Foaling Manager, Waikato Stud

“It gave me the confidence I needed…and the ability to spot signs of abnormal behaviour… I highly recommend attending Ashleigh’s seminar to anyone thinking about getting/have a mare in foal and particularly to those with maiden mares or a history of difficult foalings.” Rafaella Garlick-Grice

Private Breeder

“I drove 2 hours to get to this course…and it was well worth it! Ashleigh certainly knows foaling, the content was superb and she’s a terrific presenter. Thoroughly recommend, thank you so much Ashleigh!” Laura

Private Breeder

“Great short course on foaling. I would recommend to anyone thinking about breeding for the first time. Ashleigh is a great presenter and very knowledgeable.” Jana Kruyshaar

Owner, JK Equine Massage

“Ashleigh instilled confidence in me..Our maiden mare benefited from the relaxed and gentle ‘bedside manner’… Ashleigh helped to set the gentle tone for the new mother and foal… We highly recommend connecting with Ashleigh … Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough!” Lesley Blackmore

Private Breeder

“Very informative and well presented. A must for anyone thinking about breeding from their mare. I feel much more prepared for my next foal.” Julia Latham

Owner, Flying Horse Ltd.

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Free Resources

FoalEd provide loads of free resources to help you on your foaling journey. Take a look at our Free 16 Step Foaling Roadmap, 8 Week Case Study, Prepare Yourself for Foaling Challenge, Facebook Page and Facebook Support Group and more!

Intro to Foaling Online Course

The ONLY training course of its kind available anywhere online or in the world, the Intro to Foaling Online Course gives you lifetime, on demand access to your choice of three course levels – the perfect solution to all your foaling worries.

Intro to Foaling Course (in person)

FoalEd run Intro to Foaling Seminars New Zealand wide. The Seminar provides horse owners and industry workers with the basic knowledge to safely and confidently foal down their mares.

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Blog – The Horse Midwife

Miniature Mare Mini Case Study

This case study is not quite as in depth as Teak's Case Study but is a good look at the progression of pH testing in a miniature mare. It looks at the progression of a miniature mare, Ridgewood SI Little Miss (known as Missy), aged 10, who was in foal to Longwoods...

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What is a caslick? And why do we do them?

Caslicks and vulval repairs – why would you sew up a mare’s lady parts!? The idea of sewing up a mare’s private parts sounds like something from the deepest, darkest recesses of a horror film franchise. But believe it or not the practice actually has a very useful...

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Five Signs Your Newborn Foal is Healthy

In this post we look at five ways to tell your newborn foal is healthy. I’ll never forget my first foal that I delivered – I was sure it was stillborn. I waited sitting in the caravan for so long watching the mares under the lights, trying to keep warm next to an oil...

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Stage Three Labour in the Mare

Stage Three Labour in the Mare From the Horse Midwife Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. The foals are hitting the ground thick and fast now – some showing the typical signs of foaling and others not so much, but that just comes with the territory when we’re...

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Stage Two Labour in the Mare

Stage Two Labour in the Mare From the Horse Midwife Foaling season has rolled around pretty quickly and a lot of studs already have their first foal on the ground. A couple of studs even had a foal before the official racehorse birth date of 1st August. Fortunately...

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