Teak Case Study Part Nine (21/12/2017)

Teak’s Update

Current Gestation: 338 days
Notable Changes:
Teak still hasn’t popped her baby out yet – we have been testing her pH each day and while it has dropped slightly we’re still not at 6.2. There has also not been much of a shift in the shape of her udder or the amount of wax she is producing, I would expect that we would see thicker, yellower, less see-through wax closer to foaling time and possibly her teats elongating as well.

I have been checking her through the night – we’ve had a few rough nights with some downpours – but there haven’t been too many changes since the 18th.

Teak’s pH has dropped (see the photos below), and interestingly the two teats have noticeable different pH readings. Based on the reading of one teat she should foal within 24 hours, though the other is still a while behind. It will be interesting to see the relationship between the pH tests and her foaling time, and to see if both teats will come down to 6.2. It is worth remembering to check both teats – and to remember which side is which!

Things are still very saggy in the back end, and there does appear to be a slight thickening of the milk that I am squeezing out onto the test strips. It has gone from being almost a translucent pale white liquid that is very thing, to a more yellow and slightly thicker liquid. Colostrum is very thick and I would expect that we would see a noticeable change in the ‘thickness’ and ‘stickiness’ of the milk before Teak foals.

Teak’s behaviour hasn’t changed a huge amount, she is a little restless and seems to be walking around a lot more, and there’s definitely a lot more tail swishing going on but for the most part she seems pretty content still. Here’s hoping we don’t wait until Christmas Day for a baby – though I wouldn’t be surprised!

***Teak was inseminated on 17th January 2017 using one dose (8 straws) of imported frozen semen. She was confirmed 18 days in foal on 4th February 2017. Based on the average gestation of 330 – 345 days, Teak’s expected due date would be anywhere from 13th December – 25th December 2017***


Side by Side Comparison Photos

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