Teak Case Study Part Six (7/12/2017)

Teak’s Update

Current Gestation: 324 days
Notable Changes:
Teak’s udder is continuing to develop. This week was the first time she had showed any obvious signs of discomfort. She kicked her stomach on a number of occasions and was swishing her tail a lot. The shape of her stomach has also changed quite significantly.

I will be checking on her next Thursday and following on from that will probably be checking her more regularly as she gets closer to foaling. Teak could realistically foal at any point from now, though I would expect a mare who has had two foals before to develop a fuller udder and potentially show some wax before any signs of foaling.

Teak is now 324 days in foal and could realistically foal at any point from now on.

Teak’s owner has done some research on her previous gestation periods and (based on the information we have about her last foals) her previous gestation lengths were 339 days (which would put her foaling on Friday 22nd December) and 337 days (which would put her foaling on Wednesday 20th December).

Starting next Thursday we will be testing Teak’s pH daily and I will be moving myself out for a sleepover at some point to Teak’s owners’ house to make sure I’m there when she foals. We have some great flood lights set up so hopefully should be able to get a good recording of the foaling!

Teak will also be getting foaling alarms put on this week. She will have two alarms (lucky girl!) – one is a traditional foaling alarm with a rented unit (Magic Breed/Foal Guard type alarm) and the other is a trial of FoalApp using a smartphone.

Teak’s feed was reduced a little over the past week based on the crest she was developing on her neck and the fatty deposits around her rump. She is still paddocked with ad lib access to forage but is now getting less hard feed and this seems to be having a positive impact on her condition.

Her feet are starting to splay a little bit due to the hard ground and her being so heavy. She has recently had a farrier out who gave her feet a small trim (some people don’t like to do farrier work on pregnant mares but, provided it’s nothing major, I’ve always gone ahead with it).

***Teak was inseminated on 17th January 2017 using one dose (8 straws) of imported frozen semen. She was confirmed 18 days in foal on 4th February 2017. Based on the average gestation of 330 – 345 days, Teak’s expected due date would be anywhere from 13th December – 25th December 2017***


Side by Side Comparison Photos

(this week vs. last week/first week)

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