Teak Case Study Part Ten (24/12/2017)

Teak’s Update

Current Gestation: 341 days
Notable Changes:
Teak’s pH is 6.2 on both sides! We will be expecting a baby sometime in the next 24 hours based on this shift. The wax on her udder is also very noticeably more yellow and thicker and has begun to secrete from both teats. Her rear end view has relaxed a little bit (both over her rump and her vulva) and she is starting to look very hot based on the raised veins on her shoulders.

There don’t appear to be any significant changes in Teak’s behaviour despite the significant drop in pH, I would imagine that she will probably go into labour and deliver her baby very quickly, either some time this evening (Christmas Eve) or sometime tomorrow (Christmas Day).

***Teak was inseminated on 17th January 2017 using one dose (8 straws) of imported frozen semen. She was confirmed 18 days in foal on 4th February 2017. Based on the average gestation of 330 – 345 days, Teak’s expected due date would be anywhere from 13th December – 25th December 2017***


Side by Side Comparison Photos

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