Teak Case Study Part Three (16/11/2017)

Teak’s Update

Current Gestation: 303 days
Notable Changes:
Teak is starting to show some changes! Her udder has had significant development since last week. What was previously a very empty, saggy udder is now very obviously starting to fill with milk. This coincides almost perfectly with the one month out from foaling timeframe where you would expect to start seeing the udder begin to develop (for an experienced mare).

There were no notable changes in Teak behaviourally. This is quite normal for an experienced mare still over a month away from foaling. Teak had had a bath to get ready for her photo shoot (which made her super shiny) and made it a little hard to gauge but I do think that her belly was looking a bit rounder as well.

Teak’s due date was almost exactly a month away from this week’s visit so I would imagine her udder will continue to develop over the next few weeks. We’ll also keep you posted on any other changes!

***Teak was inseminated on 17th January 2017 using one dose (8 straws) of imported frozen semen. She was confirmed 18 days in foal on 4th February 2017. Based on the average gestation of 330 – 345 days, Teak’s expected due date would be anywhere from 13th December – 25th December 2017***


Side by Side Udder Comparison Photos

(this week vs. last week)

Click on the images below to enlarge them.

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