What We Do

FoalEd supports aspiring personal and professional breeders wanting to learn what is normal during a foaling, and to achieve confidence in their ability to successfully and safely foal down their mare.  We do this by providing training which thoroughly details, breaks down, explains and illustrates what a normal foaling involves as well as many potential complications and how to manage them.

Our Purpose

Foaling Education (FoalEd) was founded in 2016, with the aim of providing basic education and skills training for horse owners, breeders and workers who want to learn more about foaling. In most places there are very few options available – you either study at University or Polytech, ask someone you know or google it and hope you find the right answer! FoalEd aims to provide a middle ground for people who are interested or have a need to learn about foaling, but don’t want to commit to a full course of study.


*COURSES NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO ASHLEIGH BEING ON MATERNITY LEAVE* – check out The Online Foaling Course instead! FoalEd run Intro to Foaling Seminars New Zealand wide.  We provide horse owners and industry workers with the basic knowledge to safely foal down their mares. Seminars detail in depth information, video and media contentfrom an experienced, qualified instructor.

Staff and 1:1 Training

If you have staff working for you who you need or want trained in the basics of foaling, FoalEd will come to you to deliver the training. Training sessions can be tailored to incorporate on-farm preferences and procedures. Great for studs and smaller breeders alike

If you are particularly interested in learning more about foaling in depth, FoalEd can tailor something to suit you. We can also work with you leading up to foaling of your own mares, to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be.


Community Support

It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re new to breeding, and having to figure it all out. FoalEd have created a community where you can go to share your experiences and get support from others in similar situations.

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