Intro to Foaling Seminar

Intro to Foaling Seminar

FoalEd provideshorse owners and industry workers with the basic knowledge to identify signs of foaling in order to identify any issues and safely foal down their mares.

We provide training sessions for horse owners, breeders, workers and anyone interested in learning about foaling down mares. ​

Course Content

The Course Modules include:

1. Caring for your pregnant mare
2. Understanding the biology of foaling
3. Preparing for your foaling – the environment and resources
4. Stage 1 Labour – Pre-foaling and signs of foaling
5. Stage 2 Labour – Foaling
6. Stage 3 Labour – Post-foaling
7. Foaling Milestones
8. Dystocias (issues with the foaling delivery)
9. Post partum (foaling) Difficulties – The Mare
10. Post-partum (foaling) Difficulties – The Foal
11. Caring for Orphans

Service Features

Qualified Instructor

FoalEd Founder and Trainer Ashleigh Davis has foaled over 200 mares, and holds tertiary qualifications and Equine Studies and Human Resources Management, with a raft of experience facilitating and delivering training sessions.

Video & Media Content

High quality, detailed photography and videos of different stages of foaling to ensure you know exactly what to expect!

Key Milestones and Timeframes

A breakdown of the key milestones and timelines important to the entire foaling process, enabling you to have quantifiable, tangible benchmarks for when you’re foaling by yourself!

Plain English

Detailed explanations in plain English, so you don’t need to worry about having a science degree or a lifetime of equine experience to understand what we’re talking about. FoalEd seminars are presented in a way that doesn’t require any particular previous foaling experience.

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