Staff and 1:1 Training

Online Training

Imagine, after all that waiting your mare’s finally foaling and as you stand waiting for your foal you feel calm, confident and completely prepared to foal down your own mare at home?

FoalEd, and our Introduction to Foaling Training Courses were created to provide people just like you with the knowledge, confidence and preparation to successfully and safely foal down your own mares.

Designed by a qualified, experienced foaling attendant with over 10 years foaling experience, the Intro to Foaling Course has everything you need to know to foal your own mare in one place, and is the perfect solution to all your foaling questions and concerns.

1:1 Training

If you’re interested in developing your knowledge even further, or in having further support during your mares late pregnancy and foaling then get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can work out! For breeders local to the Manawatu (New Zealand) we may be able to come out and visit you and your mare (costs involved) and provide feedback on your mare, foaling kit etc. I love coming out and seeing your girls (and boys) and am passionate about supporting you during this important time, so if you’re interested in learning we’re interested in teaching! Feel free to send us an email at

Staff Training

FoalEd can provide training to stud staff of a range of experience levels. From those who are just starting out, to those who want a bit more of the ‘science’ behind what is going on. FoalEd staff training can be done on your site or at an external venue, and we can travel to you (costs are involved). In 2016 FoalEd delivered training to staff from the prestigious Waikato Stud in New Zealand to very good feedback. We can tailor our programme to fit and accommodate your on-farm procedures and processes. So if you’re interested in investing in the best training for your staff, get in touch with us by emailing to discuss options!

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