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Please order FoalApp pouches directly through FoalApp’s Website.

Get your hands on the latest and greatest addition to the foaling kit – the Foal App pouch.

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Please make your FoalApp purchases directly through FoalApp at!

FoalEd are very proud to be an authorised reseller of the latest and greatest addition to the foaling kit – the Foal App pouch.

The Foal App pouch easily attaches the phone to your mare’s halter, and helps protect the phone from any damage. It transmits from the ‘mare phone’ in the pouch, to your phone in your pocket! For more information on FoalApp check out the Youtube video link below.

It’s ideal for smaller breeders or private/personal breeders who can’t justify the expensive set-up of the traditional foaling alarm.

  • Easily attach a phone to your mare headstall to monitor her with Foal App
  • Conveniently fastens to your mare halter
  • Overlapping velcro panels give reliable attachment to the halter so that rubbing from the horse or pulling on by another horse should not allow the pouch to detach or the phone to fall out
  • Keep your phone safe and dry
  • Soft neoprene is comfortable for your mare to wear
  • Transparent front face offers a clear view for the camera

Check out the Client Testimonial below or go to for more details and to order:


From Annalie Squires – Glenwood Farm (Bonnie Doon, Victoria) who recently started foaling down with Foal App

“As a small stud, we have traditionally spent the nights around foaling time getting up every few hours to go out to the stables with a head torch and check on the mares. With a mare due early in the season in North Eastern Victoria, night checks meant getting out of bed and walking to the stables through the frost, often at temperatures well below zero. I have never trusted a foaling alarm to take over this exciting, but exhausting task.

That was until I discovered Foal App.

Knowing that the alarm would alert me that the mare was foaling no matter the time, no matter where in the world meant that I was able to sleep soundly. Unlike traditional foaling alarms, Foal App allows you to instantly check on your horse from anywhere at any time of the day or night. Not only was this invaluable leading up to the birth, but in has also been incredibly useful in the days since as I have been able to monitor the mare and foal when I couldn’t be with them in person.
I honestly will not be foaling down without this on my mares ever again.”


Please make your FoalApp purchases directly through FoalApp at!


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